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  1. Fenrimuro 3 years ago

    MIJM (Maybe It's Just Me), but regardless of her decision of who walks her down the aisle, if she can't afford the "destination wedding", then she should either delay it, or do something she can afford. I thought the days of the "parents of the bride" paying for the wedding were long gone? I say that the mother AND step-dad should slap their little princess into reality and tell her that they will NOT be footing the bill for the extravagant wedding in Greece. But this requires the team work of the mother, which he has.

  2. Taugami 3 years ago

    My beloved black beauty.

  3. JoJojora
    JoJojora 3 years ago

    Класс! Ты супер! Давай еще видео)))

  4. Molkree 3 years ago

    Driving an extremely expensive car like a Bentley in a very poor city (like Detroit or Flint) is a very bad idea and you're just asking to get robbed.

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