Dad teaching daughter to fuck pics


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  1. Kajikus 4 years ago

    He's just too damned big for her, she cannot get into it, no way.

  2. Fekazahn
    Fekazahn 4 years ago

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  3. Mikajora 4 years ago

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  4. Galar
    Galar 4 years ago

    It's long passed time for action. I'm thinking when his son turned 18. He's afraid of what actually divorcing will mean. I doubt it will be worse than what it is now. He needs to go to a divorce lawyer and figure it out. You (the OP), need to be willing to live with the results. If the result is he won't even go to the lawyer? I'd make it clear that the relationship is over. Make him choose between the past and the future. Right now, he thinks he can have both.

  5. Mezijar 4 years ago

    t trop bonne

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